Monday, December 3, 2007

72 Hour Roller Coaster Leads to New Fancy Shmancy Location

Boy, whoever said campaigning was easy was wrong. Maybe nobody said that.

I got word Friday night at 6 PM that I couldn't host my first fundraiser at the Queens County Farm Museum as planned. Amy Fischetti, the Farm's Executive Director, called me herself to apologize - apparently a new employee booked the Fancy Schmancy a month ago without realizing they couldn't hold political fundraisers of any kind there. So despite my contract and deposit with them, and despite the event being 15 days away, it had to be moved.

This was potentially devastating news, but with Amy and my wife Carrie springing to action to help solve the problem, we eventually found a place. We looked at bowling allies, hotels, restaurants, and even empty mansions. It wasn't easy- according to some, this December 15th is one of the most heavily booked nights for parties in years. But we found an amazing, beautiful Italian restaurant with a back room opening just in time for us. Hope you can make it out to Trattoria Lucia, the new location for the official Campaign Kickoff and Fancy Schmancy Holiday Party December 15th.

At least it won't smell like farm animals.

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