Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Night with new Union Friends

I attended a fundraiser last night with my wife for Liz Crowley, who's running for City Council in the district where my firm's office is located, at The Shops at Atlas Park. I met Liz at a candidate training a few months ago- she's been noting but supportive and friendly to me, so I'm happy to support her.

My wife Carrie attended with me and we met a bunch of nice people (and a couple not so nice.) We talked for awhile with James Conway of the International Union of Operating Engineers- crane operators. My wife, looking for something to say, said, "So, should operating a crane be something on my list of things to do before I die," to which my new friends James, replied, "No." :-)

I also met Mike McGuire of the Mason Tenders District Council , a nice guy who said he'd add me to his list of candidates running for City Council in '09. And it was really exciting to meet Jean Kim of TLM Associates, who works for Tom McMahon, whose daughter Ryann I used to teach.

But the person I was most excited to meet last night was Eric Gioia, current Queens City Councilman who's running for Public advocate in '09. I have great respect and admiration for Gioia, who ran for City Council in '01 without the initial support of the Democratic Party of Queens, and still won! Eric was very cool to offer to sit down with me over breakfast and share his advice.

Thanks in advance Eric, and thanks Liz for having me at your party. Oh, and Happy 30th Birthday Liz!

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