Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Back in the Ballgame

Day 2 of the invitations waiting game, and today was much better. First, no returned mail! That's always a good thing. More important...I got my first contributions in the mail today! This was incredibly exciting and inspiring. People are taking the invitation seriously, and friends, family, and business acquaintances are reacting really positively, for the most part.

I met with a non-profit group that had wanted me for their Board of Directors, but had to turn me down when they found out I was running for Council. As it turned out, they may want my firm to help market them into the 21st century and beyond. Ironically, they can't let me help them for free on the Board but they can hire my firm to work with them at cost.

I called myself "theunpolitician" on this blog but the reality is that to a certain extent, I've got to play the game: hold fundraisers, seek high-dollar donors, court the Democratic Party, etc. I do pledge to keep blogging throughout the process, to give readers a chance to see the makings of a political campaign from the insider's perspective, and to run as non-traditional, un-political, and creative a campaign as I possibly can...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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