Monday, November 19, 2007

Did I ask for too much money?

Invitations for my kickoff fundraising event went out a few days ago.
Nearly 400 invitations were sent and dropped off.
Today, the mail came, and I rushed to the door to see who the first person to RSVP would be.
6 envelopes to Vote for Dave Kerpen! Wait a minute...Upon further review, they're all returned mail - yes, invites that went out to wrong addresses.
Score at the end of Day 1: -6

However, I remain hopeful. The Fancy Shmancy must go on! The $95 suggested contribution may be a bit high, but I'm trying to play with the big boys (and girls!) here - the "real" politicians. Friends- if you're out there somewhere and can't afford the $95 bucks - please come to the party and and give a few hours of your time to volunteer for the committee...

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