Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Waiting Game & Happy Thanksgiving

Term limits have been extended in New York and pending a legal challenge they will remain now at 3 terms. While it appears from everything they've said publicly that current Comptroller Bill Thompson is still running for Mayor and my current City Councilman David Weprin is still running for Comptroller, I hear otherwise.

In fact, I have heard from several different sources that when the dust finally settles, Thompson will seek re-election as Comptroller and Weprin will seek re-election for the Council seat I have worked very hard for over the past year, campaigning and fundraising. Therefore, I am not actively campaigning or raising money until the situation becomes clearer. I owe it to my supporters to not raise money unless I believe I have a shot to win, and I don't believe I'd have a shot to win against Weprin. (If you don't know me, I am an incredible optimist, but also a bit of a realist.) I also think Weprin's done a pretty good job as Councilman.

I am very thankful for the incredible support I have received over the past year and quite confident that in January, when the dust clears, if there is still an open seat to campaign for, I will have ample time to gather the funds and support necessary to win next year's Council election.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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