Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Few Good Guys and Gals in the Council (on Term Limits, at least)

Yesterday, I started a Facebook group, New Yorkers for Our Vote to Count.

My hope is that enough New Yorkers will join this group that the City Council will have to consider the needs and opinion of their constituents they are paid to serve.

Today I attended a press conference organized by The People Have Spoken coalition and Norman Siegel. A few dozen people turned out and several networks and publications were there to witness people asking for a voice in the term limits discussion, so that Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council don't decide for themselves to allow (themselves) a 3rd term in office.

The good news? In an article from yesterday's New York Times, several members of the City Council expressed their intentions to introduce different bills that would give the voters a special referendum to decide on term limits. The good guys so far: Bill DeBlasio, Leticia James, David Weprin, John Liu, and Tony Avella.

This issue has really gotten be fired up- and obviously I am self-interested party too- as an '09 Council hopeful- but the more I've thought about it- the more upset I've gotten. It's really disgusting that there's even a debate over whether voters should have a say on this or not. I don't think I want to be a part of a legislative body that would blatantly disregard the will of voters in order to stay in office and keep the Mayor in office.

Stay tuned.

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