Friday, July 25, 2008

Time for an End to a Cruel & Antiquated Industry in NYC

A new issue has recently come to my attention--ending the horse and carriage industry in New York. The horses are overworked and exposed to dangerous conditions, the drivers are under-insured, and there is always the risk of accidents, especially to the horses. Proponents of the industry, like Mayor Bloomberg, and several City Council members well-funded by the industry, argue that it is an essential part of New York City tourism, but dozens of major cities across the globe have eliminated this antiquated and cruel industry.

A new plan put on the table that I particularly like would have the carriages replaced with electric antique cars. This proposal addresses the loss of jobs for the carriage drivers, and points out an environmentally sound alternative that would still attract tourist interest.A petition to the mayor's office and NY City Council to end this industry now as nearly 10,000 signatures- and you can help get to 10,000 by clicking here.


rohit said...
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horseowner said...

Shame on Dave Kerpen! Its sooo obvious he is using the Horse & Carriage Services as a political football to get a little free pr.He also obviously never did any investigating on what he is all of a sudden''so against''.If he did he would know to have a carriage license to operate a PROOF OF INSURANCE'' is required.Just to educate you a little Mr.Kerpen,the stable is licensed and insured,the horses are licensed,the carriage licenses are licensed and insured.Maybe he should gear his ''cocerns'' aka free publicity towards causes that are for REAL.

abigail said...

Yet another person who obviously doesnt know anything about the industry which he is so against, speaking out of his ass. No insurance? Dangerous? I will have you know that we, our carriages, our stables, everything is insured. It is the law, my friend. Also, all of our horses are kept in box stalls and are given vacations on farms every yr. (somthing the mounted unit can not even say) The mounted police horses are put in far more dangerous situations on a daily basis. Not to mention the PEOPLE of NYC who must deal with the same ¨dangerous¨traffic as we do. But, using them as a political chess peice wiould not help your effort, right? I would have to say you did NO research into this subject whatsoever, since your utter lack of knowledge about the way our horses live is so blatant! It seems to me you are using us to further your political is beginning to be a trend...and trendsetter you are not, since dear old Mr. Avella did it first! Why dont you take an objective look at the situation first. Come to our hack line, speak with our drivers, look at our horses for yourself, come to our brand new state of the art stable, inspect our carrriages, talk to our happy clients, speak with the vets who inspect our horses, and the people who own the farms they vacation at, or the people who own retired carriage horses. We love our horses. They are our family. We DO NOT mistreat them. Do your own research instead of taking every bit of propaganda garbage as the truth! You will be respected much more if you do.
I invite you to contact me. I am more than willing to show every bit of proof of what I say. I can show how our horses live, and the facts can be proven. I have yet to see the anti carriage movement prove anything they have said.

davekerpen said...

Thanks for your feedback- especially Abigail. I would love to meet with you- please email me and we'll set something up. -DK