Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hello all!

So this is my first blog entry here. Hi, I’m Yan Ping, and I’ve never written a regular blog before, much less a political one.

Here's something I didn't realize until now: the craziness in running for office when you still don't know who your opponents are. In fact, it's worse locally--there are only so many possible presidential candidates. Because the rumor mill has people dropping in and out, you're forced to start early. To stake out your territory, if you will. A year before the election, funding is important. It's not the sole factor, but it is a key one in deciding who will run. The idea is that if a candidate can raise a lot of money, he is popular, or can afford to make himself so. Party-happy New York supports only those who they think actually stand a chance, hedging their bets. Then everyone who's declared, or publicly spoke about declaring run around like busy bees, from one moneyed flower to the next, trying to get financial support. And you have to turn to backers; the only way to afford doing it alone is by being a multimillionaire, or related to a bunch of them.

Millionaire or not, connections what gets you elected in New York. You don't have to be tied (closely) to the Party Machine, but you need to support of some influential people, who know other influential people that can a) keep you in the loop regarding events and power shifts b) know how and who to meet to get involved in the same power play if necessary.

Everyone wants to know everyone else's business as well—who has been meeting with whom, how much so and so has been getting, is it true that a certain person is going to run? The political gossip vine is every bit as strong as the social gossip chains dramatized and/or made fun of in the media. In the old days, the two were invariably linked. That is why the majority of prominent politicians were married, if only to get a social manager and hostess. Today, spouses are so much more than that—they are advisors and accountants and managers. Politics has gotten a lot more complicated than in those days, as well.

That is why I think Dave is very lucky to have Carrie—they are such a great couple, supportive even when separate. Carrie had a business meeting with someone yesterday, and heard that A Certain Someone with A Lot of Support from the current council member may be running against Dave, and Carrie started worrying immediately. She wants this badly because Dave does. It is this type of support that any successful politician has, and this is why I feel that Dave still has the chance.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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davekerpen said...

Thanks, Yan Ping. It's great to have you on board on our team. =)